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We are a group of educators, trained at India’s premier NITs. Nexus Classes is an attempt to bring high quality education at affordable prices to the remote areas of the nation. We recognise the need of the students to avail competition level education at their hometown but unfortunately lack of resources and other constraints refrain them to do so. We also understand the inability of students to move to distant cities just for coaching education.

Why us

In a market full of options, the choice students consiously make will decide their future. At Nexus Classes, it is our mission to become the top choice among young aspirants and we deliver on that promise by having an unmatched commitment towards total satisfaction of our students.Moreover,
our team is comprised of highly qualified individuals from IITs/NITs and other top colleges of the
The benefit of having such a team not only helps us in achieving our long term mission of a wide base of top level alumni but also in guiding our current students in ther journey towards a successful career.
Our teachers not only have the experience in the field of teaching but they also have been through the life of aspirants as themselves and have the required know how to get
our students out of the common pitfalls in their journey towards success.
  • Focus on conceptual clarity and knowledge base building.
  • Time management sessions and motivational lectures to reduce procrastination to the minimum.
  • Practice sessions and tute sheets on regular basis
  • Topic wise tests at regular intervals to judge students’ progress and to optimize their performance.
  • Special focus on minimizing passive learning and maximizing participatory learning techniques.
  • Frequently revised and up to date study material


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